After the tragic fires in the North Bay in 2017 forced the cancellation of the planned event scheduled for October 20, 2017 at the Silvarado Resort in Napa, the Pacific Admiralty Seminar regrouped and went forward in San Francisco on November 29, 2017 at The Marines' Memoral Club. Below is the Agenda from 2017. 

8:30-9:45 - "State of the Maritime Industry: Evolution in Commercial Shipping"

Session Chair: Courtney Crawford
Cox Wootton Lerner LLP: San Francisco, CA

Panel: Rebecca Justice Lazarus
V.P. & Deputy General Counsel, Matson Navigation Company, Inc.

Patrick Michael Leahy 
Senior Claims Executive, Gard AS: New York, NY 

Boriana Farrar 
VP, Counsel, Senior Claims Executive, Shipowners Claims Bureau, Inc. 

Michael Jacob
Pacific Merchant Shipping Association: Oakland, CA 

10:00-11:15 - "Lessons Of O.W. Bunker"

Session Chair: Charles S. Donovan
Sheppard Mullin: San Francisco, CA


"Introduction to Interpleader: How Does It Work In An International Context?
Injunction Against Further Pleadings Effective Outside USA?"

Brian S. Blackman
Blaxter Blackman LLP: San Francisco, CA 

"Interpleader: The Shipowner's Viewpoint; Enjoining In Rem Proceedings Is A Necessity" 

Keith W. Heard
Burke & Parsons: New York, NY

"Interpleader: The Supplier's Viewpoint: Enjoining In Rem Proceedings Is A Bad Idea" 

Neil B. Klein
McKasson Klein LLP: Irvine, CA

"International Maritime Bankruptcy: Update on Chapters 11 and 15 in OW Bunker, TMT, and Hanjin. How Is It Working? How Could It Be Better?"

Craig A. Wolfe
Sheppard Mullin: New York, NY

11:30-12:45 - "Cargo Disputes and the Middle Man: Brokers, Forwarders and OTI's"

Session Chair: Joshua Southwick,
Gibson Robb & Lindh LLP: San Francisco, CA

"Hanjin's Receivership & Port Congestion - Unresolved Legal Issues" 

Cameron Roberts
Roberts & Kehagarias LLP: Long Beach, CA

"An Ounce of Preemption: Federal Preemption Claims Against Ocean and Inland Intermediaries" 

Mike Cummins
Gibson Robb & Lindh: San Francisco, CA

"Facing Both Ways -- Cargo Claims Handling for Transportation Intermediaries" 

Stephanie Penninger Benesch
Friedlander Coplan & Aronoff LLP

Special Lunch Speaker

Michael A. Khouri
Acting Chairman of the Federal Maritime Commission

"The Shipping Act and Other Regulatory Developments"


2:15-3:30 - "An Admiralty Personal Injury Case Law Compendium"

Session Chair: Abraham Feinstein-Hillsman
McGuinn Hillsman Palefsky: San Francisco, CA

"Miles to Go Before We Sleep: Is The Miles Uniformity Doctrine Still Valid"

John Hillsman
McGuinn Hillsman Palefsky: San Francisco, CA 

Thomas E. McDermott
Lindsay Hart: Portland, OR

Hon. Lawrence Appel

Alameda Superior Court (ret.)

3:45-5:00 - "Blackbeard 2.0: Solutions for Combating Today's Tech Pirates"

Session Chair: Matthew Johnston
Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard & Smith: San Francisco, CA 

"Managing Ransomware and Encryption Attacks in the Maritime Industry" 

Sean Hoar
Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard & Smith: Portland, OR

"Cyber and Marine Insurance" 

Lynn Krieger
Lewis Brisbois, Bisgaard, & Smith: San Francisco, CA

"Cyber Security Responsibilities from a Coast Guard Captain of the Port Perspective" 

Capt. Shannon Gilreath 

Chief, Office of Maritime and International Law, USCG